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December 4, 2021

                                                             And more from HarmonyTown Music Medics!

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G. Wayne,
Just got an email from someone that saw us in the LiveWire email and it has inspired them to get the program started in their chapter. I'm talking to him now about details and questions they have. Chapter in NC. Pretty cool! I’ll end up sending them your way at some point for more but I’m talking to them for now. Just wanted to give you the good news that this program is starting to spread even further!
-Eddie Tabb


November 16, 2021

HarmonyTown Music Medics Are Back In Business!

November saw the men of the HarmonyTown Chorus Music Medics kick their Music Medics program back into business!  Donning their scrubs and stethoscopes, they serenaded the patients at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, in Livonia, MI, on Sunday the 7th and 14th of November.  Armed with masks and Covid Vaccine proofs, HarmonyTown had 10 different men participate, and although St. Mary’s doesn’t have a pediatric ward, they were still able to use many of the program songs to spread cheer among the patients. The warm reactions and support toYou’ve Got a Friend in Me” and Zippity Doo Dah” were outstanding.  St. Mary’s HR specialist, Cyndi Niva, guided the Medics around the hospital for nearly two hours each time they performed. To say it was rewarding would be an understatement!  

The HarmonyTown Music Medics are also encouraged by Beaumont Children’s Hospital’s willingness to stay in touch, even though they are not ready for in-person visits. Beaumont has promised to keep the Medics on the hospital’s radar for a time when the Medics can bring their “musical medicine”  back to the children, as soon as the Medics are given the green light.  

As The HarmonyTown Music Medics approach 2022, they’re hopeful their chapter program will reach its full potential! There’s only one thing left to say,

It’s Great to Be a HarmonyTown Chorus Music Medic! 


BHS Music Medics Zoom meeting 8 October 2021


Kanawha Kordsmen, Charleston, WV - Ron Williams

Chorus of the Genesee, Rochester, NY - Becci Miller

The Miamian’s, Miami FL. - Ernie de la Fe

Harmony Town Chorus, Wayne, MI - Mark Pritchard

Nashville Music Medics, Nashville, TN - Kirk Jordan, Tony Ivey, Wayne Jackson, Chuck Hamilton, Sam English

Southern Gateway Chorus, Cincinnati OH. - Bayard Pelsor



1.    Participants shared what activity was going on in their district/area.

2.    Wayne mentioned and other participants echoed the need to keep some MM activity going (talking with hospitals, finding potential members, singing and rehearsing) during this pause before we can all get back and sing in the hospitals.

3.    Newsletter -- most considered a monthly newsletter to be posted on the BHS site a good idea. Articles should be easy to put together once we all get singing again. Perhaps 1/22/21 could be the first newsletter.

4.    Becci from Rochester, NY shared that they have put together a library of 25 songs, including BAre NEcessities and Can't Stop the Feeling, which includes standard BBS but also more relatable songs for the kids (as well as the members). They are keeping their name "out there" by doing holiday mall gigs.  Great idea!





Thursday, October 7, 2021


Our “Music Medics” Quartet ("Joyful Sounds") was scheduled to perform last evening along with several other vocal and instrumental groups. The event was to have been a Musical Benefit Concert to support Afghan Refugees new to Greensboro, NC.

Unfortunately, the outdoor event was postponed due to rain and no provision made by the planners for an indoor option.

It would have been our first public sing-out in...feels like forever! Gladly, we have six kid-friendly songs up-and-running that we were going to offer.

We still are unable to return to the Pediatrics Unit of our local hospital due to visitation restrictions. The new COVID variant is rampant in our County, as well as across North Carolina. We're hanging in there with weekly rehearsals, and trying to keep our spirits high.

Charlie Terrell, Greensboro NC



Friday, October 8, 2021

Another COVID update

We're all pretty much in the same boat here as far as the hospital performances are concerned.

In addition, several of our guys have moved. Others are still a bit frightened and, most tragically, we lost our quartet's long-time bass, Lew Geer, just before the pandemic hit. He was my best friend and also the guy who originally accompanied me up to Nashville to pitch Music Medics to Marty and The Barbershop Harmony Society.

Additionally, Baptist closed its Children's Hospital permanently as a result of this "crap".  When things get better we will need to move on to another children's hospital, of which, luckily, there are several options. Nevertheless, I don't think that now is the right time to approach any new hospitals with this project. There will be better times, however.


Best regards,

Ernie de la Fe, Miamians Music Medics



Wayne, MI, Chapter, HarmonyTown Chorus

HarmonyTown Men ready to show young patients “You’ve Got a Friend in Us”!

In March of 2021, the Wayne Chapter learned of a wonderful new BHS program, “Music Medics”. Its purpose was to provide singing for children (with collateral singing for anyone, of course!) in hospitals. We embraced the challenge of implementing this program with the enthusiastic involvement of all our chapter’s members. With plans to tailor our repertoire, provide uniforms, and establish contacts with several local hospitals, our group is readying itself for the moment when hospitals can accommodate our singers in their facilities. With our group now fully vaccinated, and expressing complete willingness to adhere to hospital protocols, we are optimistic that we will be able to impact lives with the joy of our 4-part harmony singing. We’ve also indicated willingness to provide virtual programs for broadcast in hospitals, as feasible, or desired. Recent encouraging communications from one of the hospitals we’ve contacted give us real hope that, by Fall, we’ll be making our first in-hospital appearance. We’re excited at this wonderful opportunity to share our music and to bring some cheer to those that often need it the most!

To contact HarmonyTown Chorus to start this program in your children's hospital, please contact: 
Call | 734-743-1SNG (1764) and ask for Eddie
Texts | 248-792-1911
Email | [email protected]

Website link:




A Report from Marc Wolfson of the DC Music Medics

As you requested, here’s a report on my efforts to date that you are welcome to share at the Music Medics meeting. 

     After your first Music Medics meeting, I was inspired to see what I could do in the Washington, DC area. As the Vice President for Marketing and Public of the Singing Capital Chorus, the Washington, DC BHS chapter, it was up to me to get the ball rolling for my chapter. Like many other chapters, we have done numerous performances at nursing homes and assisted living facilities but we’ve never tried anything like the Music Medics program. 

     Here in Washington we have the National Children’s Hospital. Founded in 1870, this 323 bed pediatric acute care facility is one of the top children’s hospitals in the country. I started my research on the hospital’s website looking for programs or services that might support Music Medics. I discovered that since 1997, their Child Life Services has maintained a “clown care team”. These professional clowns are part of the Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs who are all trained to perform in a hospital setting. So I felt they would be receptive to a program like the Music Medics. 

     After sending emails to several points of contact that I found on their website, I finally found the right person on their staff! Dana is the hospital’s Performance Coordinator for Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services. She explained to me that while they currently could not allow Music Medics to visit patients and sing, there were several options that we could pursue. The hospital has the Seacrest Studio, a fully equipped TV and Radio Studio. Patients who are unable to leave their rooms can virtually interact with guests and celebrities who visit the studio.In our case children could call in to talk our Music Medics who would be able chat and joke with them and even target a song two to each caller while performing in the studio. The studio has a glass wall that looks out on the hospital’s atrium so that visitors and staff can also watch from there  

     In addition to the studio, Dana said they also could host us in their Healing Garden or hospital’s spacious outdoor lobby. The Healing Garden is located on the riff outside the third floor of the main hospital. This beautiful space includes a soothing water feature, a garden labyrinth plus a variety of trees, flowers and shrubs. In the interim, Dana also extended an invitation for us to send her videos of the chorus and our quartets virtual performances that she could air on their in house TV network.  

     So I think we have cracked open the door for the possibility of starting a Music Medics program here in DC. The next step is to present my findings to our chapter board and music director. With their approval, I hope move forward working with our music director to send Dana one of our virtual video performances. Then once we start our live rehearsals and feel ready to offer a public performance, I will contact Dana about scheduling an appearance at the hospital. 

That’s my report. I look forward to hearing how some of the other chapters are doing with their efforts. 


Yours in Harmony,

Marc Wolfson 



Laughter is Always the Best Medicine!!

    Laughter was the right prescription for a fun-filled evening on January 11th, when The Nashville Music Medics hosted a virtual meeting which included The Miamians Music Medics, along with the Joyful Sound Music Medics quartet from Greensboro N.C.

    The mics were wide open as 20 Medics shared their collective experiences as part of the Music Medics program. Along with the laughter, each group chatted about how they got started, what worked for them, what we could do better as a group, and what music to sing. Along with those discussions, videos were shared from Nashville’s and Miami’s virtual projects. Unofficial style points for the evening went to Chris Railey, and Randall Harner of the Miami Medics for the best mustaches.

    It was agreed that COVID has really slowed our groups down by not being able to sing for the children at each of our local hospitals. All of us are looking forward to the day when we can return to put the smiles back on the children’s faces through our unique style of music. However, through it all, everyone agreed that singing with the Medics has richly blessed each and every man. 

    If you’re in a Music Medics group and want to join in our virtual meetings, please contact Wayne Jackson with the Nashville Music Medics at [email protected].